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Steve Linden has more than three decades of experience and expertise as an internationally recognized expert in classic & collector motorcar appraisals, valuations, pre-purchase inspections, and export. Steve holds the USPAP designation as a Qualified Appraiser. Steve also serves as a qualified expert witness in all matters related to collector motorcars. His company currently provides multi-tiered consulting services to: collectors, HNW / UHNW individuals, enthusiasts, law firms, insurance and finance companies, and state & federal government entities.

Steve is the author of Car Collecting: Everything You Need to Know. He was the Founding Editor of Hemmings Classic Wheels and is also a regular automotive columnist for New York’s Newsday newspaper. Steve currently sits on the N.A.D.A. Antique, Classic & Collectible Car Advisory Board, and has appeared on television including: The BBC, Jay Leno’s Garage, Fox News and The Discovery Channel, as well as being a resource in print publications including: CNBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, AP, Money Magazine, Kiplinger’s Report, and syndicated radio.

M. Peter Neumann has more than 34 years of institutional financial, commodity and global trading experience, having held senior positions in the sales and trading groups at two top tier firms, working within the commodities and commodity linked structures sectors. Over Peters’ career he was responsible for risk management, portfolio allocations, trading and product integration across multiple asset classes and was an integral part of leading and achieving firm revenue, business development, and league table ranking goals. Peter is a Founding Partner & CEO at Chrome Strategies Management LLC, and has been President of MPN Advisory, a risk management consulting firm since 2012. Peter retired from JP Morgan Chase as an Executive Director, head of Americas OTC metals sales. Peter holds the USPAP designation as a Qualified Appraiser.

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General contact information:
Steve Linden: steve@chromestrategies.com | 516-524-4102
M. Peter Neumann: peter@chromestrategies.com | 917-733-5823

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