Private Managed Portfolio for Classic Car Investments

The Firm

Chrome Strategies Management was founded in 2015 by Steve Linden and M. Peter Neumann. Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, Chrome Strategies Management, LLC is a Delaware based LLC. CSM manages and directs investments in both long term and short term portfolios of classic and collectible motorcars. This burgeoning asset class has offered compelling investor returns, desirable non-correlation to traditional assets classes, and defensive investment attributes. The continued rise of prices paid at auction, broadly increasing valuations and forecasted supply verses demand shortfalls are combining with macro trends of increasing global wealth, which are culminating into an ongoing global demand for “best in class” investment grade motorcars.

CSM Private Managed Portfolio Strategy

Chrome Strategies Management manages and directs the Private Managed Portfolio (PMP) program which focuses on attaining attractive returns through both long and short-term portfolio holdings of motorcars.

The primary objective of the PMP is to achieve optimal financial returns via an investment strategy which focuses on a blended approach, with allocations deployed to both a long term, “buy and hold” strategy as well as short term opportunistic investments. Supplementing the core long term strategy, this secondary active program of short term arbitrage investments should help to increase the PMP’s overall returns.

The Managers will seek to employ, at both the firm and portfolio level, institutional quality research with regards to: investment strategy, entity governance, investment due diligence, risk management as well as portfolio balancing and buy, hold and position exit timing.

Investment strategy research includes analysis of: internal proprietary research & value assessments vs. external marketplace valuations, relevant index data, current & historical auction house data, and various 3rd party marque expert reporting.

All internal research and modeling considers factors that include, but are not limited to: downside risk, marketplace and marque price trends and the Portfolio’s targeted overall rate of return and/or overall positioning goals.

The portfolios’ investment strategy primarily seeks to build a well-diversified, risk-averse portfolio that focuses on downside risk and capital preservation, while seeking attractive returns.

Portfolio investment research and selection are led by over three decades of appraisal, valuation and vintage & collector motorcar expertise of Mr. Linden. Steve has appraised hundreds of millions of dollars worth of motorcars over the course of his career and is a globally recognized expert within the industry. Mr. Linden, as Co-Founder & CIO, is an integral part of our research and portfolio selection process, as our portfolio construction methodology comes primarily from his experience and expertise —

Private Managed Portfolio Features

The Private Managed Classic Car Investment Portfolio offers an individual or group of investors, collectors and enthusiasts who wish to participate in the collector motorcar market the following attractive features:

  • Chrome Strategies Management’s skills and strategies will add value to the client portfolio by identifying significant qualities that critically affect value, rarity, and desirability of collectible motorcars.
  • Management of the portfolio will eliminate the day-to-day ownership issues from the investor.
  • Chrome Strategies Management applies its due diligence process on the acquisition of each vehicle.
  • Chrome Strategies Management will maintain, insure, warehouse and market the vehicles on behalf of the portfolio.
  • Monitoring and evaluating of day to day markets and developing trends.
  • A dual investment and management approach which incorporates both a long term outlook and short term opportunities.
  • Active portfolio management strategy that is target returns based or an alternative approach that allows portfolio owner to react to prevailing market conditions and/or overall positioning goals.
  • Active risk management analysis and tools are applied to the portfolio.
  • A secure storage, insurance and maintenance program.
  • An experiential element which could include use of inventory.
  • Active communication with CSM Managers including manager research, market updates, timely market commentaries and insights, and portfolio performance reports.



The information contained in this summary is proprietary and confidential; it is intended solely for the recipient of this summary, and may not be reproduced or further distributed or communicated in this or any other form by the recipient without the prior written consent of Chrome Strategies Management, LLC.

As with any traditional or alternative investment, past performance cannot assure any level of future results. An investment with Chrome Strategies Management or any of its affiliated businesses is subject to a wide variety of risks, and there can be no assurance that the investment strategies or return objectives will be met or that losses will not be incurred.Any projections, market outlooks, or estimates contained in this summary constitute forward-looking statements, and are based on certain assumptions and subject to certain known and unknown risks. Accordingly, such forward-looking statements, as well as the information contained in this summary regarding historical performance, should not be relied upon as being indicative of future performance.

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