Sports Car Market Roundtable: State of the Market.

Peter Neumann writing in Sports Car Market Magazine, discussing the state of the collector car market:

“Whether employing qualitative or quantitative analysis, the collector-car market has been healthy in 2021. This is almost certainly due to the pandemic-induced mentality of, “I’ve always wanted a collector car, and what better way to be socially distanced than to ride around in a classic convertible?” Demand has been strong, and that is reflected in values.

If measured by the number of participants in the hobby, we think that the size of the hobby is stable. The older demographic that is exiting the hobby is being offset by younger newcomers entering the hobby, albeit in different segments of the market. If measured by financing, the storage industry, online participation and other metrics, the hobby is certainly growing.

Given that the collector-car market is global, so much depends on what happens around the world as we attempt to return to “normal.” Participation in the collector-car market will be uneven as socially interactive versus socially distanced events open up on different schedules in different countries.

If we look beyond the pandemic effect, where prices rose as demand outpaced supply, longer-term trends will come back into play. In the short term, however, we expect that values across most of the collector-car market will tend to correct, which will result in values more reflective of those prevailing pre-pandemic.”

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